Nelson H. Douglass, President at NHDouglass45 Pultrusion Consultants
I have been heavily involved in nearly every aspect of the Pultrusion Industry for the past 40+ years. Having pultrusion dies machined has certainly improved over the years, but at more of a snail’s pace.
The development and fabrication of quality infeed tooling has always been a nightmare because of its nature. It has always been considered a “black art”. Each pultruder cut, bent, pounded, brazed, ground and welded sheet metal into a form that was workable, but not precise and certainly not very reproducible if more than one tool was needed.
Then, my eyes were opened by the ingenious idea of utilizing 3-D printed technology that was much more accurate. If 3 or 4 tools are needed, each will be identical to the first. Precision infeed tooling translates to increased line speeds, substantially lower scrap generated and in essence, a major improvement to the bottom line. I am a believer. Take my advice, try GAZ designed and fabricated infeed tooling for just a single profile and judge for yourself as I did and you will be a believer as well. In my opinion, this is a “quantum leap” in technology advancement for the composite industry.

Tom Hershberger, Vice President of Marketing and Sales, Composite Rebar Technologies
I worked with Greg Zjaba for about ten years. Greg is a gifted engineer and teacher. His ability to fully understand a process and envision opportunities to make it better saved the day on many occasions. Greg also thinks through how a part or piece of equipment will actually be built and factors this into his design process.
Greg is highly skilled at project management, especially when it involves the need to prioritize competing tasks in a very dynamic environment. He is results oriented and respectfully holds both his team and others accountable. Greg would be an asset to any team or organization, and I highly recommend him.

Joe Spitz, Chief Technical Officer at Teel Plastics
Greg is one of the best engineers I have ever had the privilege of working with. The two most outstanding characteristics he showed were: - always doing a completely thorough job so it was done right - self teaching ANYTHING he needed to learn to tackle new challenges. He was someone that I could depend on to accomplish the goals we had to achieve.
Joe is currently Principal at JS Consulting.

Craig Werner, General Manger/VP Technology at Werner Co.
Werner Co. is the world's leading manufacturer of climbing equipment (ladders). Until 2007 we manufactured most of the raw materials (aluminum extrusions and fiberglass pultrusions) in house, with the bulk of this production occurring in the Franklin Park, IL facility, which I managed.
Greg Zjaba was employed as a plant engineer in our facility, focusing the bulk of his efforts in the fiberglass pultrusion area. Greg is an extraordinarily competent engineer, who possesses both the ideal mix of technical and practical knowledge and wisdom and knows how to apply his concepts, working with a wide and varied technical and operational workforce. Greg was equally at home working with other engineers and process experts and with maintenance personnel and operators. Similarly, he was equally competent at designing new technical solutions, be they tooling or pultrusion process oriented, and troubleshooting operational and maintenance issues. Greg was simply the "Go To" man when something needed to be designed, improved or fixed in the critical pultrusion area. I would highly recommend Greg for any position requiring his exceptional technical, communications and technical skill set. Craig Werner
Craig is currently Vice President, Extrusion Technology at Kaiser Aluminum.

Bruce Werner, Vice President at Werner Co.
Greg was vital to building our manufacturing facilities, which enabled us to double our business in 4 years. His technical expertise and attention to detail was what enabled our flawless execution in meeting the demanding requirements of Home Depot, Lowe's and the other major hardware retailers. He was a pleasure to work with and I recommend him highly.
Bruce is currently Executive, Board member, Advisor, Investor